Tech Tip: Twine

GAH!!!  This is awesome!!

This week for the story lab I setup and got a little familiar with the TWINE Game. I have completed my game and I am trying to finish up getting it published on my new OU Create Domain!
I chose to just use an oucreate domain rather than setting up a new domain because I do not expect to be doing anything fantastic while I just learning and exploring the site. Later, if genius strikes, we may have to change that. :)

I will be spending some time playing with this later!! I would like to input the Ivan story from the Celtic Fairy Tales in this format. I think that would be a lot of fun. Perhaps I will do that for extra credit!!

More on that later. Here are some screen grabs from my Twine 2 exploration! This is really a great tool, and so very easy to use. The program is very intuitive.

Source: Personal picture taken November 8, 2019

Source: Personal picture taken November 8, 2019


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